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Best Day Trading Strategies In 2021 — AutoTrading Strategies

What is Day Trading?

In simple terms, day trading means entering the trade and exiting it on the same day. It is also known as intraday trading. The trader makes use of this strategy to benefit from small changes in asset price. Cryptocurrencies can have 20–40% change in price over a day. Hence the profit margin is high with day trading.

Day Trading Markets

Day trading markets vary in structure, characteristics and quality. Users can access them directly from their computers using the internet. However, the user’s understanding, resources and other financial matters can make the experience of intraday trade frustrating at times.

Stock Market

Day traders are fond of the stock market. It is the most common and widely known. The trading in the stock market is pretty simple. You buy stocks of a company and wait for the price to go up and sell the stock. It gives you a chance to buy stocks of some famous companies like Google, Amazon and Tesla.

Forex Market

Forex or Foreign exchange market is also one of the growing trading market out there. Traders take profit from fluctuation in the exchange rate. Bet on currency rates and open positions based on them.

Cryptocurrency Market

The cryptocurrency market is a comparatively recent addition in trading markets. Day traders can venture into it after some risk assessment.

Best Day Trading Strategies

Now that we have looked at day trading markets, let’s discuss some strategies with which day traders can make money.


Day traders use scalping as a way to make profits from small price changes. It is the best intraday trading strategy. Traders buy and sell in a short time frame taking advantage of gaps in liquidity and other market inefficiencies.

Range Trading

For this strategy, traders have to make use of the candlestick chart. Traders identify the ranges in market structure and exploit them for making a profit. Range traders buy the currency at support level price and sell at the resistance level. Moreover, they can also take a short position at a resistance level and exit the trade at the support level.

High-Frequency Trading

High-frequency trading is a strategy employed by quantitative traders also known as “ Quants “. The traders enter and exit positions as quickly as possible. The time frames are extremely small for these trades (close to milliseconds). As it is humanly impossible to trade at such a fast pace, traders often develop bots for this purpose.

News Trading:

News trading is another strategy uses by cryptocurrency day traders. it involves trading based on news announcements. Crypto market reacts quickly to big market news. For instance, Tesla invested $1.5 Billion in bitcoin on January 8th. Subsequently, the price of BTC increased by 20% within a day.

Day Trading Crypto: Where to Begin?

Day trading is a simple way of making profit through crypto trading. You can begin your journey by investing a small amount through a broker. There are plenty of brokers available in the crypto market. Here is our pick of best cryptocurrency trading exchanges.

Who can start?

Day trading requires quick decision making. You need to be on the constant lookout for opportunities. It consumes a lot of your time and energy. Day traders often get stressed out and abandon their journey altogether. Hence, it is not for everyone.

Trading Bots Can be a Great Idea

Trading bots make it easier for you to trade with accuracy and efficiency. If you have little understanding of the market and don’t have enough time to learn everything then crypto trading bots can be saviours for you.


Day trade cryptocurrencies with the best trading strategies in 2021. The intraday strategies can be profitable both in the long term and short term. Moreover, you can use the automated trading bot to make the day trading experience smooth and rewarding.

AutoTrading Strategies is a consultancy company built by crypto traders and trading software developers.

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